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VOIP and Smart Working solutions


VOIP solutions

VoIP is a technology that allows us to carry out a telephone conversation using the internet connection and protecting the future with cloud technology.

VOIP ("Voice Over IP", or "Voice via Internet Protocol"), is a technology that allows you to make a telephone conversation using the Internet connection or a dedicated network that uses the IP protocol (for example your company LAN network ) instead of using the traditional telephone network (PSTN).

Any technology that allows voice to pass (outgoing and incoming) through an IP channel is called

VOIP. Among all the advantages of VOIP we can mention:


  • the lowest cost per call, especially on national and international calls

  • lower infrastructure costs

  • new advanced features compared to traditional telephony

  • higher scalability later


Thanks to these advantages it is possible, for example, to eliminate the distinction between local and long-distance calls, to keep different telephone numbers on a single telephone device, to save voice messages on your computer or, again, to make completely free calls between users of the same network.

A cutting-edge solution for companies, professional firms and public administrations, aimed at improving remote work.

The proposed solution is user friendly, with a simple and intuitive interface that favors continuity of service without temporary interruptions.

Hosted PBX and UCaaS

Yeastar switchboard in the Cloud

Designed for SMBs, Yeastar Cloud PBX offers enterprise-grade communications capabilities and advanced unified communications capabilities - all with a robust, reliable, and affordable hosted PBX and unified communications solution.

Linkus : unified communications

With the Linkus app, your Windows and Mac desktops and iOS and Android mobile phones can act as office extensions with all phone system features accessible. All the functions offered by unified communication, such as presence, instant messaging, CRM integration, conferencing and unified messaging will be at your complete disposal.


Smart Working Solutions


Design and implementation of integrated cloud systems for the activation of smart working in SME companies.

  • CRM

  • Business Project Management

  • Business Support Ticket Management

  • Documentation Management

  • Video Conferences / VOIP Solutions

  • Sharing of information within the work team

  • Business workflow implementation

  • Remote control of IT devices

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