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Data Protection GDPR -  Business Continuity - Security

Solutions to be compliant with the GDPR

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is a comprehensive regulation that unifies data protection laws in all Member States of the European Union. It defines an extended set of rights for citizens and residents of the European Union regarding their personal data. Accordingly, it describes the stringent requirements for companies and organizations on the collection, storage, processing and management of personal data. Companies have little time and many challenges to meet to meet the requirements, as they must adopt the existing processes and services they use to collect and manage the personal data of their employees and customers.

Data Continuity & Data Protection Solutions

We provide the skills you need to help you bridge the gap between excellent information management solutions and the essential information to help you achieve maximum business value

The solutions implemented with Veritas and Veeam help ensure that a customer's infrastructure is always protected. Essential Support and Business Critical Services help reduce downtime, increase reliability, simplify operations, maximize the return on their investment.


Cyber Security Solutions

EDR-A19 unlike traditional endpoint security tools which can have blind spots, is built on rules that make it able to have the widest visibility of the ENDPOINT it protects.

It provides endpoint security managed by the ACTARVS SOC that supports the partner and its customers.It arises from a project configured from the attacker's point of view!



Detect intrusions

In addition to the agent's capabilities, the server component uses a signature-based approach to intrusion detection, using the server manager to analyze collected log data and look for indicators of compromise, which are reported and aggregated.


Cloud security monitoring

EDR-A19 helps to monitor the cloud infrastructure at the API level, using integrations capable of extracting security data from well-known cloud providers such as: Amazon AWS, Azure or Google Cloud. It also provides rules for evaluating the configuration of your cloud environment, easily identifying weaknesses.

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