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BI - Business Intelligence

Corporate data is the asset of every organization, allowing companies of any size and in any subject area to make the right decisions at the right time.

Data can get lost or, even worse, data itself can be lost if it is not well organized and managed. Thanks to Business Intelligence systems it is possible to collect, store and analyze data and business activities with the aim of improving their performance. Business Intelligence, through customized and interactive analysis and graphic representations, guides the user in monitoring company indicators at a synthetic or detailed level, is now an indispensable tool for organizations that want to become "Data-Driven" or who want to improve in general the collection of data, their analysis and communication of the information generated.

The company Migra Software Evolution srl partner of Caspian Strategies & IT Management has been operating for more than twenty-five years in the field of data analysis and management and is specialized in Business Intelligence, with solutions based on products, methodologies, projects and specialized services . Through personalized and modulated consultancy on the different needs of the client, it accompanies companies to improve efficiency or to create Business Intelligence systems by providing the most suitable solutions to give shape and value to corporate data.

As demonstrated by numerous studies, to communicate data to our brain effectively it is necessary to use a visual approach and the Business Intelligence framework proposed by the Migra solution works in this direction: the raw data is processed and transformed into graphs and other processing. easy to read that are shown in interactive dashboards through which it is possible to view even the most complex information in a simple and intuitive way.

The intelligent visualization of data, typical of products such as iDashboards® and others, has numerous advantages as it allows faster processing of information, facilitates the identification of trends and correlation between data, can help simplify complex information, guide l 'user in the exploration, reading and understanding of data, and facilitates business decisions.

Business Intelligence therefore allows you to earn your data, generating added value for the company.

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