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Caspian Young is a successful independent company with offices in the United Arab Emirates. Thanks to strategic alliances with a huge network of international companies, it can offer its clients legal and commercial advice even abroad. Caspian Young's consultants come from a variety of professional backgrounds: Lawyers, Business Consultants, Certified IT Consultants across an international business community.

An innovative business consultant that uses its ability to accomplishes our client needs based in Dubai (United Arab Emirates).
Vision: To prosper and multiply into a large chain of sustainable industries, providing resources and ability to create a better tomorrow.
Mission: Prospering businesses with innovative ideas to foresee an easy trade solutions and maintaining the quality service , standards through our brands

Based in London (UK), Falcon Hunters International’s consulting and management services are structured to ensure that the client receives the maximum advantage of proven techniques, mature management experience and expertise. Consultants have extensive industrial and commercial experience at senior management level including international operations.

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