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CRM and ERP solutions for SMEs


Integrated ERP solution for SME management

Caspian Strategies & IT Management offers a fully integrated ERP system capable of simplifying all business management in all its strategic components within the cloud.


A unique value proposition

Everything you need within an excellent user experience.

The ERP model proposed by Caspian Strategies & IT Management for small and medium-sized enterprises, allows to have thousands of developers and business experts available to create hundreds of additional applications.

With solid technical foundations, the structure is unique. It provides excellent usability and is suitable for all applications.

The usability improvements made on the proposed ERP system are then automatically inserted in all fully integrated applications.


Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Solutions

CRM implementation for small / medium companies. CRM is a software for the integrated management of the business relationship through a link aimed at creating value in the long term. A business approach oriented to learning and influencing customer behavior, through interaction and communication, with the aim of increasing customer acquisition, profitability and loyalty.

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