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SAM / ITAM consulting - Reduce IT costs

Caspian Strategies & IT Management provides SAM consulting to help clients manage their IT assets the right way. Software drives business, and control of this software is vital. Software Asset Management, or SAM, has become an integral part of IT process improvement. A complete solution from SAM will save your organization both software licensing money and time spent performing manual licensing tasks. Your organization will also see a greatly reduced risk of a license non-compliance fine from a software audit.
However, as many as 3 in 10 organizations admit that they do not know what resources they have, where they are and who uses them. The remaining 70% think they know.
The right ITAM and SAM Service must:


  • Maintain and update Hw and Sw inventory

  • Track software license keys

  • Track software license purchases

  • Create detailed reports

  • Check Software Vulnerability and Security


Increased Visibility

Know your IT and eliminate blind spots

Eliminate blind spots in your environment and discover resources you weren't even aware of. Lansweeper's IT inventory platform provides you with the means to gain comprehensive visibility of your IT, centralized in a single solution, helping you gain an in-depth understanding of:

  • What IT assets exist

  • Where the composes reside

  • How assets are linked to other assets

  • Who is using what

  • How your IT assets are used

  • What you own

  • When they were added to the inventory

  • The warranty status of your devices

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