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Help Desk Management


Deskpro is a multi-channel helpdesk platform designed to help you provide great customer support and communicate with your users with ease.
Tickets are automatically managed and routed to the relevant agents, departments and teams. The information and communications relating to the request for assistance will then be recorded in that ticket until its resolution.



Ticketing and email
Seamlessly manage all your support emails within one highly organized ticketing system

Intelligent automations keep the helpdesk in perfect working order.
Ticket events trigger actions to categorize tickets and assign them to the right agents or departments.
Create custom ticket response time goals and automatically prompt agents to take action and resolve tickets when SLAs are at risk, making customers happy.
Increase the urgency of tickets, reassign them, or send survey requests after tickets have spent a predefined amount of time in a specific state.

Simplify your approval process, whether you're requesting a client's approval for a project or for internal inquiries such as IT procurement, the decision makers who allocate us can approve or reject proposals quickly and easily.
Create cascading approvals that can be stored for multiple requests and decision makers and automatically applied to tickets.
Send to agents and customers
0 Select approvers. Multiple Approvals Chain Approvals

Create, publish and manage self-service content to provide answers to frequently asked questions 24/7 and reduce customer support tickets.
Keep your customers up to date with the latest news, release notes and engaging blog posts.
Collect and manage feedback, suggestions and ideas collaboratively to help you prioritize improvements.

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