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Managing and monitoring a business process has never been easier

Caspian Strategies & IT Management - Codima Italian Partner

Codima Toolbox allows you to visualize your IT infrastructure with its web-based maps, it also shows the relationships that exist between the devices on your network, such as those used to manage virtual machines, wireless access points and IP phones. Codima Toolbox uses intelligent methods to obtain connection information and network topology for use in any situation. Whether your network is wired, wireless, virtual, or a mix of all three, Toolbox automatically generates network maps that let you see everything on your network.

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The web maps are designed in native vector graphics by the Codima Toolbox. They are drawn extremely fast unlike Visio maps which can take hours instead of less than a second for a large web map. Being pure web content, they can be displayed on any browser with zero plugins required.

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