Artificial Intelligence

Need analysis and strategic planning

Caspian Strategies & IT Management can work with clients to understand their business needs and identify opportunities for using artificial intelligence. This can include analyzing use cases, evaluating existing applications, and defining an AI implementation strategy. 

Development of machine learning and deep learning models

We assist clients in developing machine learning and deep learning models to solve specific problems, such as image recognition, natural language processing, prediction, and data analysis. 

Implementation of artificial intelligence solutions

Caspian Strategies & IT Management can help clients in implementing AI-based solutions, including recommendation systems, prediction systems, virtual assistants, process automation, and other artificial intelligence applications. 

Integration of AI with existing applications

Assist customers in integrating artificial intelligence capabilities into their existing applications, both on-premise and cloud-based. This may include API development, integration of AI cloud services, and implementation of embedded AI solutions. 

Training and support

We provide training and support to customers to help them understand and effectively use artificial intelligence technologies. This may include staff training, operational support, and technical assistance.