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Smart Working Solutions


Smart Working Solutions

First of all, Smart Working is not an English way to define Telework. Teleworking and Smart Working in fact refer to two different ways of working, from both a substantive and a contractual point of view. The first consists in a work performance carried out outside the workplace with the support of technologies, while the second, as mentioned, is based on a real managerial philosophy characterized by a new conception of working times and spaces. In other words, working in Smart Working does not only mean working remotely, but carrying out the work activity with flexibility and autonomy.

All of this is clearly bringing significant benefits to companies, in terms of improving productivity, reducing absenteeism and reducing costs for physical spaces. But the advantages deriving from Smart Working also concern worker satisfaction and the improvement of society. The Smart Working Observatory had already estimated the productivity increase for a worker deriving from the adoption of a "mature" model of Smart Working in the order of 15%>

Having made this premise, Caspian Strategies & IT Management designs and implements integrated cloud systems for the activation of smart working in SMB companies.

Remote control of computers or mobile devices. Access to remote computers to provide technical assistance to customers or for work from home.

The solution implemented with our business partner ISL ONLINE with ISL Light, a secure and reliable remote desktop application that allows you to support customers or access unattended computers. It's affordable and it just works!

ISL Online uses RSA 2048/4096 public / private key exchange to negotiate end-to-end AES 256-bit encryption and secure data transfer between local and remote computers.

The application solutions implemented for SMB companies and professional firms are:


  • Business Project Management

  • Business Support Ticket Management

  • Documentation Management

  • Video conferencing

  • Sharing of information within the work team

  • Corporate workflow implementation

  • Remote control

  • Training


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